2in1 BOLD CHAIN earrings

925 eco sterling silver


Bold Chain statement earrings by PULVA jewelry, designed for urban individuals. No gender jewelry. They are 2in1, can be worn in a long chain verison or as a delicate single link earring.


925 eco sterling silver (100% recycled)

Made of a 4 mm wire and a 0,8 mm ear stud wire. The length is appr. 43 mm. They come polished.


PULVA is a Berlin based independent jewelry label with focus on urban aestetics. All collection pieces are made of high quality 925 recycled sterling silver or brass. PULVA is 100% handcrafted and created in a respectful manner with nature. Every jewel is unique and made to order in my Studio in Neukölln, Berlin. Please allow up to 3-5 days for delivery.