OYSTER earstuds

925 eco sterling silver


Oyster shell inspired earstuds with statement againt the cruelty of pearl cultivating. Be aware, rethink. Shop beauty without cruelty. Unisex.

925 eco sterling silver (100% recycled)

The measurements are aprox. 2cm x 1cm. They come with high polished finish.

PULVA is 100% handcrafted and created in a respectful manner with nature. Every jewel is unique and made to order in my Studio in Neukölln, Berlin. Please allow up to 3-7 days for delivery.



Pearls are stolen from living beings, oysters, who are exploited and murdered. They form when an irritant or foreign object enters the shell af an oyster or mussel. These animals respond to the stress by coating the object with nacre, the crystalline substance that gives pearls their luster. Because only about one in 10.000 oysters will produce a pearl naturally – not nearly enough to keep up with demand – pealmakers have devised a process called “culturing” or “cultivating”, which allows them to expoit oysters faster and cheaper. During culturing, farmers prz open oysters shells and insert an irritant, a presumably painful practice that results in the death of half the oysters. The cruelty doesn’t end there: Farmers then suspend the oysters in water in a cage, moving them around and subjecting them to different water temperatures to create the desired shape, size and color of the pearls. The oysters are then pried open for a second time so that the pearls can be extracted. One-third of oysters are “recycled” and sujected to this stressful process again, the rest are killed.

There is nothing beatiful about the suffering and death of any living being!